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Thursday, July 06, 2006


C----- Come
O----- On
L------ Lets
L------ Love
E----- Each
G----- Girl or guy
E------Equally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Engineers AnthemHum hoge all clear Ek din, Mann me hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas, humhoge all clear ek dinMale Engineers PrayerAllah ke naam pe ek girl friend de de babaDoosre ki nahi to apni he de de babaAllah tujhe ek ke badle do degaHillary hogi to Monika bhi degaExamsexams ke 4 din pehle syllabus dekha to yaad aayaKUCH TO HUA HAI KUCH HO GAYA HAI,exams ke din paper dekh kar yaad aayaSAB KUCH ALAG HAI SAB KUCH NAYA HAI.Engineers' ShayariWoh Padosi hi kya Jiski khoobsurat Kuwari beti na ho!!Woh engineering hi kya Jisme K.T. na ho!!!Top two Engineering Rumours'Did you hear the results are being put up today at 5:30pm''Did you hear the exams are postponed by two weeks, its been put up at Govt. college ,I got the timetable for this exams'The most dreaded acronym for EngineersATKT ( After Trying Keep Trying)( Aaj Thoda Kal Thoda)The most important criteria while selecting an engineering collegeGirl to Boy ratio ( if more than 0.025% than that college is engineers dream come true)Engineers at workAssignments solved by one and then carrying out mass transferoperations throughout the classThe most important machine for EngineersXerox Machine ( Without which assignment completion wouldn't be possible)The most important table in an Engineers HouseThe glass table ( to carry out GT operations all night long)The only que an Engineer is familiar withSubmission QueAn Engineers favorite watchBird Watch !

ENgg. Definitions:Engineering College : Place where you're punished for getting good HSC marks.Senior: guys who got ragged as juniors and wanna get some payback...Fresher: Guy who has to ask where the canteen is...Really Dumb Fresher: Guy who asks a senior where the canteen is.Really Really Dumb fresher: guy who follows the senior to the canteen.Ragging: The unfortunate fate of the previous idiot.Babe: After two years in Engineering, anything remotely female qualifies that title. Beautiful: 99.99% of the girls are beautiful, rest 0.01% are in my college.
Couple: Rich/Handsome/Intelligent Guys(But everyone pity on them...."Poor Guys") and Girls(Not beautiful strictly.....Coz they are not meant for Engg.) going together.
Female: Anything Female.
KT: makes you suicidal...Year Drop: makes dad homicidal.Reevaluation: Cruel joke taking its own time to make you cry... (Results of revel come after you give the KT exam).Principal: Biggest idiot on campus. Unfortunately also the mostpowerful idiot on campus.Fear: what you feel when the prof who's signature you forged on the journal hesitates to turn the page...Irony: The guy who copied your entire paper passes and you flunk.Critical Calculation: Summing up the marks you attempted in the exam...Sleep: Huh! What the heck's that? ...
Night outs: A Compulsory substitute of Sleeps. Lecturers: The biggest Devils in Human, with basic characteristic of torturing students. HOD: The Don of Devils who's to be worshipped as GOD. Marks: Unexpected figures we get after exams. Term Work: Nothing to do with the work in term. Oral: Where two people sit and only one person speaks...................................the other is student. Submission work: The work which is to be completed during the submission going on. Submission: Mission impossible made possible..........somehow Common Engineering Dialogues after a paper.'What is this pal, more than 60% of the paper was out of the syllabus''This was the worst paper set in the entire engineering history''I am failing’! 'I got screwed royally' 'This was never asked before' 'Time nahi mila'(ironically most of those make such comments get 1st class and those who think they will survive somehow get K.T.)Feeling after Completing EngineeringSurvived Engineering Have a great life with good jobs. -A Survivor. Enjoy!!!!!


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